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Lost in Migration!

Hi everyone,
I’ll cross-post this at The Nowtopian too, but the basic story is that I cannot get WordPress to upload photos or become easy to use… I went to the support forums and there are dozens of messages, mostly either unanswered, or answered with complicated programming-like instructions, that lead me to believe that the hype around WordPress is way overblown, and it’s a cumbersome, unfriendly piece of software. The upshot is my pal Brian A. is offering to set me up with a new Drupal-based blog and we’ll hopefully have it running soon… in the meantime I actually start teaching today (!!!), a class “Shaping San Francisco’s History” at New College. So I’m a bit busy with that and everything else. In the meantime, here are a couple of images from recent days, the lovely Critical Mass last Friday and a typical image of me at the top of Twin Peaks…

Will let you all know when something is up and running for REAL!!

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