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Trade Unionism: Long Past the Peak

The panel on the proposed Global Labour Charter here at the World Social Forum on January 29 demonstrated in stark terms the historic dead-end of trade unionism. The Charter was cautiously embraced by some, dismissed by others, but in any case, has yet to be written by a broad effort (Peter Waterman, who […]

Crossing the Planet

Four planes and 24 hours in transit but I made it without much trouble”¦ Kicking myself that I didn’t have my camera ready when we were soaring over the Amazon from Manaus to Belem, especially towards the end when an incredible view at dusk opened up to the west. Multiple giant rivers and […]

The Webs We Weave

I’ve been working on other things, thus dropped the blog-ball a bit lately… one reason is I’ve actually been employed to write 3 blog posts a month over at, so that’ll get in the way of putting things here. (The Jane Martin piece was the first one.) I agreed that I might re-post some […]