First-Ever Amazonian Critical Mass!

Under steady rain, 100 cyclists took to the streets of Belem in the first Bicicletada in the Amazon!

It was a great night! Pai d’Egua! (That’s a charming idiomatic expression that local Belem cyclists have taught us: literally Father of the Mare, but translates as “Cool!” The Paulistas were charmed by this as […]

Floating, Waiting, Wondering

Old friends from the Committee for Full Enjoyment, drumming during last night's Dia de los Muertos in San Francisco. (see below)

Haven’t been blogging much lately… The election is dominating airspace, and though it’s not dominating the small space between my ears, I haven’t been able to focus on any good themes to […]

In a New Saddle

So it’s almost done! In fact, both big digital efforts are almost done… this blog got moved, thanks to Cathy at Pajamadon (link at bottom for a bit), who did all the dirty work and helped me get up and running. The Shaping SF wiki is getting there too, a much more daunting project… I’m […]