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I’ve been *thinking* about starting a blog for a while, and can’t say I’ll be here every day like some of those insanely prolific writers I’ve been seeing out there (billmon.org, I hope you start up again soon!). See, already I don’t know how to make that a live link… rtfm I guess. I’m planning to post comments on a variety of topics as I feel the urge: San Francisco history and politics, technology politics and criticism, anti-economy thinking and the critique of wage-labor, and just daily life reflections and connections to the wider world. You can check out my so-called resume if you want to see the long list of stuff I’ve been part of or actually did myself! It’s at
I have two new books coming out soon, so I’ll be adding information on those in the next day or two:
1. The Political Edge, an edited collection of essays on San Francisco politics, published by City Lights (pub date: Nov. 1, 2004)
2. After The Deluge, my novel of post-economic San Francisco, published by Full Enjoyment Books (pub date: Nov. 1, 2004). I’ll be making this available for free as a downloadable pdf, but of course I think you’ll agree that it’s vastly preferable to hold a real book in your hands, well-designed and deserving of your reading time…
anyway, I’ll be back.

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