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When Bicycling Was Cool

Ricardo Jerez and I bicycling on a path towards his home in Santiago, the Andes looming in the distance.

It still is, isn’t it?

It is in some places, less so in others. In Latin America, from Chile and Brazil to Colombia, Panama, Peru, Ecuador, and Mexico, it is going strong. But I […]

Thinking about Post-Capitalism


It’s an elusive concept. As many have by now pointed out, for many people it’s easier to imagine the end of the planet than the end of capitalism. The success of neoliberalism since the mid-1970s at colonizing political imagination is remarkable to say the least. Still, as the writings I examined in […]

History History Everywhere!

It’s no wonder so many of our romanticized utopian fantasies involve canals and bicycles… Amsterdam is in our dreams whether or not we’ve ever visited!

Ubiquitous Dutch cargo bikes, mostly used to schlep kids around…

We arrived in Amsterdam to start this journey, a driving trip around France for myself, Adriana […]