From Redesigning Cities to Industrial Ruins

I’ve been on the NY subway 7 times already today and have two more to go before getting to the airport in an hour or so… The noise in New York is really oppressive, but there are so many remarkable subtle things going on that sometimes you are charmed beneath the roar. An hour ago […]

Scattered Thoughts from eastern N. America

While tooling around Toronto with various cycling friends we passed this site, which is the home to Igor’s used bike shop…It’s a hilarious and weird story: Igor was stealing bikes by the thousands and many of them were piled up in various spaces around town. He got busted recently, and his store is boarded up, […]

Hamming it up in Toronto and Hamilton

The fun has been nonstop for me on this trip. On Sunday, after a rainy morning, the sun graciously appeared in time to allow my reading at “This Ain’t The Rosedale Library” to go forward, on the street-side patio as planned. I’m not going to rehash each appearance… let’s just say, clearly, that all my […]