Whose Streets? People vs. Automobiles: The 20th Century Battle over Cities, Streets, and Freeways

February 16, 2003, protesters fill Market Street in San Francisco, opposing the impending attack on Iraq.

(My presentation at the “Towards Car-Free Cities,” Guadalajara, Mexico, September 8, 2011)

“Whose Streets? OUR Streets!” yell rowdy demonstrators when they surge off the sidewalk and into thoroughfares. True enough, the streets are our public commons, what’s […]

The Long Night

Another guest editorial, this one from my pal Iain Boal… a timely rumination on today’s sell-off of the internet by the Obama appointees on the Federal Communications Commission…

by Iain Boal Winter Solstice 2010 4.30 AM, BERKELEY—Later today, in the hours between total lunar eclipse and the longest night, the US Federal Communications Commission […]

Normalizing Catastrophe: Cancun as Laboratory of the Future

This is a guest post from my good friend Eddie Yuen, who was in Cancun for the COP-16 Climate Conference… it follows on my extensive coverage a year ago from Copenhagen, so I wanted to keep it going, even if I wasn’t there and didn’t follow it so closely this year… thanks Eddie!

Sixty-five million […]