CREAM and more

Here’s a super fast entry! (Impossible!)… Today’s new Bay Guardian is full of Mona’s amazing illustrations, and even a short essay by yours truly on the future of San Francisco… check it out… and if you didn’t already know, that same future of the city is being debated at City Hall in front of the […]

Of Buried Creeks and Thwarted Plans

I wrote this essay for the July issue of the SPUR (San Francisco Planning and Urban Research Association) newsletter. They published it in a somewhat edited, toned-down version, of course. I have huge respect for my friend Gabriel Metcalf, who is SPUR’s executive director now (!), but of course the organization itself has a somewhat […]

The Yellow Sign of our Irony Problem

I had a great time at Critical Mass last night, as usual. Probably over 2000 riders, great weather, a lovely evening. The ride broke up into a bunch of smaller clots after an ill-advised loopback through the Broadway Tunnel, which also led to some tense interactions with a drunk idiot at Broadway and Polk who […]