The Webs We Weave

I’ve been working on other things, thus dropped the blog-ball a bit lately… one reason is I’ve actually been employed to write 3 blog posts a month over at, so that’ll get in the way of putting things here. (The Jane Martin piece was the first one.) I agreed that I might re-post some […]

Jane Martin, a Force of Nature

I’m beginning to write for a new local effort,, but tonight, the night before the big debut, I cannot log in… so I’m going to post my piece here, having failed to blog for a while…

Jane Martin, hands in soil.

Jane Martin is a force of nature. A […]

When the Kids are United…

Been in one of those zones where I get really preoccupied watching the news come in, but finding it difficult to summarize or work up anything particularly exciting to blog about. Luckily a lot of others are keeping it going in various places (thus, I spend too much time reading other people’s blogs!… but that’s […]