Living and Dying in the City

A remarkable, densely-packed weekend of San Francisco living, starting with the latest from my illustrious neighbors, Keith Hennessy and Seth Eisen with Jules Beckman, “How to Die,” at Dance Mission on Friday night. Like the last show Keith did, this is divided into two parts, the first on homelessness and the second on gay sex-and-drugs […]

Disaster Bicycling

Critical Mass this past Friday night commemorated the Katrina Hurricane and the destruction of New Orleans by following a route along the “future shoreline” of San Francisco (a group called Rising Tide North America put the call out for nationwide rides in solidarity with New Orleans and about 28 cities went for it). Last night […]

Mexico Piquetero

Here’s another guest post, this time from Claudio Albertani. He has lived in Tepoztlan, Mexico for the past 20+ years and wrote this short report for Il Manifesto in Italy:

The revolt against the July 2nd electoral fraud that benefited Felipe Calderon, the right wing candidate, is expanding. After two weeks, the occupation of Mexico […]