The Tortoise vs. the Gangster

The other night I went to the SF Art Institute to speak to a class on “The Contested City.” The students had been given Nowtopia to read and a bunch of intelligent questions were prepared. The 3-hour class was given over to “grilling” me in a friendly but pointed way, which I really […]

Floating, Waiting, Wondering

Old friends from the Committee for Full Enjoyment, drumming during last night's Dia de los Muertos in San Francisco. (see below)

Haven’t been blogging much lately… The election is dominating airspace, and though it’s not dominating the small space between my ears, I haven’t been able to focus on any good themes to […]

Ruins and stuff

It’s all falling down! Like a lot of radicals over the past 30+ years (or is that 130+ years?), I’ve always harbored this deep certainty that the self-perpetuating madness called the capitalist economy would just someday implode… and suddenly, voila! It is!… There’s a lot of lost wealth, already in the trillions, and if some […]