Quito: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Quito, Ecuador, historic center: as I always discover when leaving the U.S., people and cities elsewhere are generally much more civilized. Look at this dense pedestrian zone in Quito's center!

We landed in Quito, Ecuador on Feb. 21 and made our way to the Magic Bean hostel without any trouble. As the driver […]

Birthday at Lake Chapala

Sunset from our hotel along Lake Chapala…

We celebrated Adriana’s birthday with her big family at Lake Chapala, a gorgeous lake a couple of hours east of Guadalajara. Her parents are building a new home near the lake, so we’ll probably spend more time there in the future. This was my first visit […]

TEDx Amazonia: Entrepreneurialism, Innovation, and Survival, Part 3

Part 1: intro to TED, my speech at the conference Part 2: Highlights of other TEDx Amazonia Talks, especially from Amazonians Part 3: Critical look at the Entrepreneurially Minded TED speakers

I was so happy when tropical rains began falling on us.

Ironically, we had come to the most fecund place on earth, […]