Needed: Climate Change!

Since I’m planning to go to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December, it seems only appropriate that I should show up to local efforts to address the topic. After an intense flurry of dozens of messages sent via Facebook (and Twitter, were I using it, which I won’t) I thought the “Mobilization for Climate […]

Cautiously Rising!

OK, I’m up and running! Well… I’m up, I’m moving around, the agony seems to have subsided. A cortisone shot 9 days ago made it less painful right away but I still had limited mobility. After 5 days I started to feel better upright, and actually made dinner myself! Now I can walk and I’m […]

I’m baaaacckkk!

Just a quick hello… I’ll be posting here again in short order. Got a few things piled up on my plate first, but hope to start my old rhythm blogging again soon… thanks for hanging in there!

Those of you who know me may have feared that my long-held conviction that nature is trying to […]