Nowtopia Meets Descrescita Felice!

I spent the past four days with Fernanda and Mario in their beautiful house in the countryside of Marche, nearest the tiny village of MonSamPolo, not far from the coastal city of San Benedetto del Tronti. They are incredibly generous hosts, in addition to being very enthusiastic conversationalists, avid Nowtopians, and protagonists of the “Happy […]

Siena, A Visible Invisible City!

Siena prides itself on being descended from the son of Romulus, one of the babies suckling at the she-wolf in the ubiquitous statues around town. This is on the wall near the train station.

Here's the main cathedral (the Duomo) in Siena, with very late afternoon sun making it glow.

Nature Near and Far

Had a couple of fun trips in August, one a 3-day camping trip to the Giant Forest of Sequoias in Kings Canyon National Park in mid-month, and this past Saturday a day trip by bicycle to an overlooked corner of shoreline in the north bay, Pt. Pinole Regional Park.

We went to see the Giant […]