TEDx Amazonia: Quality of Life for All Species, Part 1

Part 1: intro to TED, my speech at the conference Part 2: Highlights of other TEDx Amazonia Talks, especially from Amazonians Part 3: Critical look at the Entrepreneurially Minded TED speakers

I was so annoyed that I improvised an opening lament/complaint about it when I gave my Talk in the first of six […]

Last Tango in Zagarolo!

After my whirlwind tour of Italy (with a day in Switzerland too), I made it back to Rome on Friday, Oct. 8, in time to help Rossella Ottaviani (aka Santa Graziella) celebrate her birthday. Her husband Livio, another stalwart of the local cycling and Nowtopian scene, met me at the Termini station and after an […]

Nowtopia Meets Descrescita Felice!

I spent the past four days with Fernanda and Mario in their beautiful house in the countryside of Marche, nearest the tiny village of MonSamPolo, not far from the coastal city of San Benedetto del Tronti. They are incredibly generous hosts, in addition to being very enthusiastic conversationalists, avid Nowtopians, and protagonists of the “Happy […]