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A Hop Into Switzerland

After Milan, I headed north across the border into Switzerland where I had an event at the venerable social center Il Molino. My good friend Susanne Zago facilitated my visit and we had a great time.

Interesting bike sculpture made of old railroad parts, just above Lugano at the train station.

She met […]

Starting from the Sausages

The title was given me a few nights ago at the Carroponte Festival by Anita Bacigalupo, who explained it as a metaphor for going to the roots, back to the beginning, stripping away the edifice and assumptions that usually cloud political arguments. We burst into laughter when Chiara Martucci pointed out that it was not […]


Typical scene in Bologna, cyclists rolling by an outdoor restaurant seating zone where there might have been parking… very civilized!

I had my first visit to Bologna, staying with Gaia Guiliani, a charming post-colonialist, feminist, radical academic and activist. She and her friend Ghiada, along with some assistance from my Irish friend Alan […]