Notes on a Mediocrity-Free Zone

The Last Poets performed Sunday night at The Punch Gallery. “If Only We Knew”¦ What We Could Do!” they sang, and so much more, “America is a Terrorist” and “Madness.” For such agile legends it’s remarkable to feel that they were merely the punch-line to a long night of stellar performances. As the scintillating MC […]


A title like that doesn’t usually get my interest, but by odd serendipity I was called by a publicist for Eric Martin’s new novel and asked to speak for 5 minutes before a couple of his upcoming bookstore gigs to introduce the historical context of his book. OK, I agreed without reading the book or […]


Finished this book a week ago, called ’68 by Paco Ignacio Taibo II, translated by my pal Donald Nicholson-Smith. It’s a great read, rather short, very subjective in the best sense of it, and tells the compelling story of 1968 in Mexico City as the student movement erupted in the face of the one-party state.