Effective Politics or Feeling Effective

This is an essay I wrote, which may end up published somewhere, but anyway, I just want to share it with my friends and readers…

“We fought the police with words, dances, clown-armies, yoga, laughs, music… they tried to stop us with gas, batons, water cannons, bulldozers, helicopters, stop and search actions, blockades, riot gear […]

Journey to Camp Rostock

Friday June 1 on the train from Berlin I was jammed in with hundreds of 18-23 year olds” standing room only though I luckily scored a seat amidst the backpacks. Sweet, friendly crowd, all in their private groups talking and laughing. A couple of guys come on the train’s PA system and tell jokes, make […]

New Year’s Potpourri…

This is a first-of-the-year catchall… Critical Mass was much bigger than I expected last Friday, probably 800-1000 riders. Had a lovely evening, hearing loud echoes of the memorable ride in 1999-2000 when Critical Mass fell on New Year’s Eve itself… here’s a shot from Octavia Blvd:

There’s still a developing problem with the lack […]