Precarious Urbanity, Linear History

Back in beautiful San Francisco, where it somehow turned back into summer while I was away. Balmy warm weather the past few days, yum! My week in New York was really interesting for lots of reasons, but one that has really stuck with me is the utter precariousness of the urban fabric. I was lugging […]

Sachsenhausen and bikelanes

Weird combination of topics for this final Berlin dispatch. Want to show a bunch of photos at the end of the lovely bike lanes that are normal parts of the streets here in Berlin. Some are side-paths and some are pink marked lanes in the streets. So those photos come up at the end.

First, […]

Effective Politics or Feeling Effective

This is an essay I wrote, which may end up published somewhere, but anyway, I just want to share it with my friends and readers…

“We fought the police with words, dances, clown-armies, yoga, laughs, music… they tried to stop us with gas, batons, water cannons, bulldozers, helicopters, stop and search actions, blockades, riot gear […]