Brainless, Impersonal, Implacable

Dark clouds over the Caribbean, Chicxulub beach July 21, 2021

No common is possible unless we refuse to base our life and our reproduction on the suffering of others, unless we refuse to see ourselves as separate from them. Indeed, if commoning has any meaning, it must be the production of ourselves as a […]

Forests Are Family, Too!

An ancient Douglas Fir near the Russian River

The title of this post echoes the post from February about plant sentience for reasons that will become clear. I’ve always loved forests. I say that with the caveat that I’m quite sure nature is trying to kill me. In an ocean, I’m never relaxed, fully […]

The Constitution is The Problem

A lot of activists across many issues and many generations have embraced the U.S. Constitution for its much-admired Bill of Rights, for the post-Civil War amendments that banned slavery and created “equal protection” for all while also ensuring birthright citizenship, and even the belated extension of voting rights to women a hundred years ago. […]