Bikes in Belem

One of the oddities of my visit to Belem was first encountering predictably chaotic streets with little room for pedestrians or bikes, but then hearing that Belem was considered one of the more bike-friendly places in Brazil. Turns out both are true. There is a huge population of daily cyclists, often two to a bike, […]

Soggy Socialists”¦ and Everyone Else Too!

I have way too many photos from the Opening March day before yesterday. I didn’t find anyone I knew until it was nearly over, though I had a very fun time regardless. I made my way through the crowd several times in search of good signs and interesting moments and out of 250 […]


Great white herons soar among stained highrises, landing on mudflats to compete with vultures for the endless decay of a city that is always helplessly resisting humidification and flooding. At the edge of a forest of such breadth and density, the bird life in Belem is more than North American cities, […]