Bicicrítica in Madrid

Everyone was super friendly… lots of waving!

Madrileños, probably almost 3,000-strong, take to the streets on the last Thursday of every month for their Bicicrítica, or Critical Mass… it was wonderful!

Got to ride in Madrid’s Bicicrítica last night, a long luxurious ride all over town. It was very familiar […]

World Bike Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil

It was a wonderful four days in Porto Alegre, February 24-27! I met hundreds of people, was wined and dined, interviewed nearly 20 times in local and national Brazilian media (including a bit for their equivalent of ESPN, SportTV!), and got to ride in two big rides including the largest ever Critical Mass in Porto […]

Protest or Celebration? Or Something Deeper Still?

Had a nice ride out to the Sunset last weekend, in our typical weird week of summer weather in January. Standing at the edge of the Sunset reservoir looking eastward I took this shot through the fence, over the acres of solar panels sitting on the reservoir roof.

I’m posting a text I […]