Feb 05 Critical Mass and “Self-Management”

After some gray days Critical Mass rode last night. It was a fine ride, somewhere between 600-1000 people, depending on who you talk to. I had people tell me it was much larger than they expected, others the exact opposite. As always with San Francisco’s Critical Mass, expectations are all over the map. I got […]

New Years Critical Mass; The Sorrow and The Pity

Very soggy new year weekend in San Francisco. Heading downtown for New Year’s Critical Mass I realized that we’ve really gone digital… No calendar pages littering the streets! I recall back in the early 1980s, even into the mid-90s, it was de rigeur to throw out the year’s daily calendars into the Financial District streets… […]

Halloween Critical Mass 04

Last night was one of the best Critical Mass rides in San Francisco this year. A great turnout, I’d put it between 2,000 and 3,000. Various co-conspirators planned ahead to direct the ride to the locked-out hotels, which went off beautifully. The police were largely a non-factor, though I saw a photo of one cyclist […]