Critical Mass in Rome (part one)

Just as incredible as you might imagine”¦ maybe more so”¦ Wild bikes, warm people, a sweet scene late in the ride when a woman sat on her boyfriend’s handlebars facing him, with her arms wrapped tightly around him in a loving embrace, her head buried on his shoulder, while he pedaled along in the ride. […]

Lost in Migration!

Hi everyone, I’ll cross-post this at The Nowtopian too, but the basic story is that I cannot get WordPress to upload photos or become easy to use… I went to the support forums and there are dozens of messages, mostly either unanswered, or answered with complicated programming-like instructions, that lead me to believe that the […]

Bees and Bombs

Some personal news and photos below, but wanted to start out ruminating a bit on the recent coverage of the collapse of bee colonies. Elizabeth Kolbert writes about it in The New Yorker, which wasn’t quite up to her climate change writing in terms of sharp clarity and getting through the mysteries to basic facts. […]