Typical scene in Bologna, cyclists rolling by an outdoor restaurant seating zone where there might have been parking… very civilized!

I had my first visit to Bologna, staying with Gaia Guiliani, a charming post-colonialist, feminist, radical academic and activist. She and her friend Ghiada, along with some assistance from my Irish friend Alan […]


Saturday September 26 Panel: "Bicycling in a Time of Crisis" l-r David Walthall, myself, Claudio Sabelli Fioretti, Tito Boeri.

Ediciclo Editore is a relatively small Italian publisher focused on bicycling and travel books. They invited me to their 3rd annual “Ciclomundi Festival Nazional del Viaggio in Bicicletta” (CycleWorld National Festival of Bicycle Travel) […]

Siena, A Visible Invisible City!

Siena prides itself on being descended from the son of Romulus, one of the babies suckling at the she-wolf in the ubiquitous statues around town. This is on the wall near the train station.

Here's the main cathedral (the Duomo) in Siena, with very late afternoon sun making it glow.