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Nature Near and Far

Had a couple of fun trips in August, one a 3-day camping trip to the Giant Forest of Sequoias in Kings Canyon National Park in mid-month, and this past Saturday a day trip by bicycle to an overlooked corner of shoreline in the north bay, Pt. Pinole Regional Park.

We went to see the Giant […]

Critical Mass Goes Deep (into the southern neighborhoods)

Uphill on Potrero crossing 16th Street, August 2010 Critical Mass in San Francisco.

So I’ve been piling up all the photos from my various trips the past month. Before I go into a long sequence of photos in the next post, we had an incredible Critical Mass last Friday night. It was led […]

San Francisco Summer Notes

First off let me say that if you’ve recently discovered this blog, or had some reason to go back through my older entries (it starts back in 2004) during the past year and a half or so, I apologize for all the lost photos and truncated entries that were littering it. I had no idea! […]