When the Kids are United…

Been in one of those zones where I get really preoccupied watching the news come in, but finding it difficult to summarize or work up anything particularly exciting to blog about. Luckily a lot of others are keeping it going in various places (thus, I spend too much time reading other people’s blogs!… but that’s […]

Glimmers of History

Just back from seeing “Milk” at the Castro, the big biopic on first gay supervisor Harvey Milk in San Francisco. I got to San Francisco at the beginning of 1978 so I lived through a bit of the time the movie represents. Unlike every person I spoke to, I did not love Milk. I found […]

20 Theses Against Green Capitalism

This came to me via a Midnight Notes friend, and given the frenzy and local enthusiasm for the “Green New Deal” I thought it timely to just put them right up for general viewing and discussion… curious to hear rebuttals if anyone wants to take that up…

“… A few critical theses against green capitalism. […]