Gone to Sea!

Before I get to my post on whales and the Farallones Islands, I wanted to add a short note to my last entry, on the topic of contesting bad and sad history. I finally finished the 500-page “People’s History of the Civil War” by David Williams. Great book! Compelling stories unlike anything you’ve ever read […]

Contesting Sad and Bad History

Last weekend I joined a bike tour of Treasure Island, meant to acquaint us with the possibilities of a bike-and-ped friendly redevelopment of the man-made island. Originally built to host the 1939-40 Golden Gate International Exhibition.

Photo of photo in Treasure Island museum, original Bay Bridge under construction.

It was thought that Treasure […]

Dawn of Deflation

Global deflation is underway. I’ve linked to some sites in recent posts that I spend all too much time reading, especially The Automatic Earth and The Daily Reckoning, two of the more insightful pessimistic financial writers. Today Russia is reeling from massive capital flight, threatening to set off new panics and bank runs, similar to […]