KulturKampf or Preparation?

I’m finding my email box filling every day with links to interesting Nowtopian initiatives, events, ways of framing things. Not much of it is totally new, but given the context of our rushing moment in history, and reframing it as aspects of an emergent Nowtopia, I’m enjoying it all…

First off, I rode in San […]

History Past and Present

On the Chinatown Labor History tour (part of Laborfest) Charlie Chin, the artist in residence at the Chinese Historical Society, gave an incredibly well composed and articulate walking tour. He didn’t cover labor so much as the whole history of Chinese in the U.S. up to the present. One of many tidbits I learned […]

Strange Loops

LaborFest is happening again, and it’s better than ever. Pretty ironic, given the amazing shift in San Francisco’s population… In a Chronicle article about the exodus of the “middle class” from San Francisco they printed these numbers:

From 2002 to 2006, the number of households making up to $49,000 per year dropped by 7.4 percent, […]