Critical Mass in Rome (part one)

Just as incredible as you might imagine”¦ maybe more so”¦ Wild bikes, warm people, a sweet scene late in the ride when a woman sat on her boyfriend’s handlebars facing him, with her arms wrapped tightly around him in a loving embrace, her head buried on his shoulder, while he pedaled along in the ride. […]

Great Night at Flexi (and beyond)

I had a fantastic night at Flexi Libreria last night. Somewhere between 50 and 80 people jammed in to the beautiful new space, which takes its name from the increasing precarity that its founders, all research and technical workers during their “day jobs,” face. Francesca, Andrea, and all the folks I met there were so […]

Just another tourist in Rome?

I arrived in Rome 24 hours ago and already it’s been a great visit. Tonight I’ll be presenting Nowtopia at a local bookshop, just a short distance from where I’m staying, quite close to the Cavour Metro station. Being in the heart of the city is super lucky, and just amazingly beautiful. My host, Paolo […]