Cautiously Rising!

OK, I’m up and running! Well… I’m up, I’m moving around, the agony seems to have subsided. A cortisone shot 9 days ago made it less painful right away but I still had limited mobility. After 5 days I started to feel better upright, and actually made dinner myself! Now I can walk and I’m […]

Wasting Away reading about Waste

yeah, still on my back after a whole fuckin’ month! After feeling like I’d actually regressed I finally broke down and got an MRI… the news was as bad as we’d feared. A huge bulging L5 disc poking into my spine. Here’s the picture!

Yuck! So it’s no wonder that basic chiropractry, massage, and […]

New Year, Old Back

Happy New Year to everyone… hard to believe it’s 2008! I’m still pretty laid up with my bum back and the worst sciatica I’ve ever had. Huge thanks to my sweetie Adriana who has been taking care of me the whole 3+ weeks; thanks to Dr. Rupa for a painkiller prescription; thanks to everyone for […]