Home and Away

Critical Mass was as fun as usual this past Friday. As I was imbibing my usual pre-ride gin and tonic someone reminded me it was the 10th anniversary of the mini-police riot that Willie Brown unleashed in 1997. Quite a contrast these days, with the police a very small presence, and sometimes actually helpful with […]


I’m back in something approaching a ‘normal’ groove, happily reconnected to lover, friends, and family. The expensive housing prices here cover the cost of this amazing free air conditioning in San Francisco, which runs all summer long. Here’s the daily flow of cooling pouring over Twin Peaks a week ago (it’s been with us every […]

Blimps, bikes, pipelines, uninsurance

Back home in San Francisco, my head still floating in Istanbul or somewhere in Central Europe, my body most definitely in San Francisco. Jet lag is still a bitch, even after nearly a week at home. Happy to land in the arms of my sweetie, but sad to leave my sweet daughter’s company… that was […]