April Buzzes

It’s been an incredible frenzy lately. Not only making good progress on my rewrite, but all the events and socializing and general pleasure of living to the fullest… Here come a lot of photos of recent weeks…

First let me start out with a brief account of last night’s lovely Critical Mass. It’s April, the […]

Tempestuous Cyclists and a Stunning Victory

There’s an editorial in the SF Bay Guardian today, but they don’t seem to have included it on their website, so I’m going to post it below… The Committee for Full Enjoyment chimed in on the recent frenzy surrounding Critical Mass…

But before we get to that, I want to congratulate Jeff Schmidt on his […]

Gossips Hit a Nerve

We’re enduring another Critical Mass tempest in a teapot here in San Francisco. Unlike New Yorkers, who have doggedly faced down intense police and legal harassment for years now, but are still routinely arrested and have their bikes stolen month after month, we in SF have had an easy time of it. In fact, as […]