Watch out for that swinging pendulum!

A lot of friends have been noting the old pendulum metaphor lately, and it does feel like something’s up, a new energy, a re-energized boldness, a growing confidence that we can move things in a different direction… of course it’s also true that most of what we can think of doing isn’t particularly dangerous to […]

Mad Marchness

A billion thanks to too many people to name for sharing the most amazing ascent to the half-century mark that I could possibly imagine! Starting a few days before my actual birthday and going right up to today and continuing through this weekend and into next, I’m having a blast! So many lovely friends, so […]

Spring is Glorious!

You regulars might be wondering where I’ve been… well, walking mostly! It’s a glorious spring here in SF, clear days, warm sun, sparkling good will and TONS of events to go to… Here’s a shot from the Potrero Hill Community Garden (one of my all-time favorite local spots) looking northwest across the city towards Mt. […]