Thanksgiving continuity

Just back from the regular Thanksgiving I’ve been attending for the past 8 years… this year’s was even better than it’s been during the generally wonderful gatherings we’ve shared in the past. It takes place in a beautiful box canyon between Ukiah and Clear Lake in Lake County. About 80-120 people show up. Some of […]

Oceanic Slime

Really? That’s a tough topic to address, but I do want to point everyone to a remarkable article by the very readable science scribe Elizabeth Kolbert in last week’s New Yorker on the “Darkening Seas”… details how atmospheric CO2 doesn’t just hang around in the air but is steadily mixing into the oceans (of course), […]

Living and Dying in the City

A remarkable, densely-packed weekend of San Francisco living, starting with the latest from my illustrious neighbors, Keith Hennessy and Seth Eisen with Jules Beckman, “How to Die,” at Dance Mission on Friday night. Like the last show Keith did, this is divided into two parts, the first on homelessness and the second on gay sex-and-drugs […]