Hamlet in the Hamlet

My last entry from Blue Mountain Center… we are all scrambling to finish whatever we set out to do (I think I will have a full first draft by the time I’m leaving on Sunday! yeehah!)… and laundry, and last chances to see each other’s work, etc. Tomorrow night we’re going to be treated to […]

Global Head-jimony?

OK, Pat Oleszko, our reigning monarch of amazing costumes and zany humor, struck again on Sunday for the double-birthday lunch… we arrived to lovely hats made of folded up world maps, hence the incomprehensible title above…

Peace sign provided by temporary visitor Jonathan Tasini, recently vanquished by Hilary Clinton in the NY State primary […]

30 days, 30 moods

Being here for a whole month is of course an incredible gift. We all talk about it intermittently, usually in a state of semi-awe or wonder about our good fortune. It’s been interesting to note how nearly everyone here has had at least a few days, if not a longer period, of mood swings, depression, […]