World Cupture and Breakfast

Go ahead and cry, Argentina! Shoulda beat Germany today, but home field advantage and a noticeable collapse of energy led to a sad defeat on penalty kicks. Soccer at its best and worst”¦ great play, concluded by the stupidest way imaginable of ending a game, penalty kicks. Sheesh. Then Italy looked better than any previous […]

Solstice Done Right!

We had one of our periodic heat waves, but it broke today. Luckily it hung around for a few days, just over the solstice, so everyone got to hang out in the streets, walk around in that happy daze that San Franciscans get when it’s actually nice outside at night and you don’t need a […]

Summer Blues

I have to admit I’ve been a World Cup potato for the past week. I saw a lot of games, not all, but probably too many! Felt most sorry for Ivory Coast who were great, so I’m now counting on them for 2010 in South Africa. In general I root for underdogs, but still have […]