Out and About

Critical Mass was its typical experience here last Friday. Maybe 1,500 riders or so, went straight up Market all the way to McAllister, then out McAllister, jog to Turk, west to Divisadero before turning left and heading into the Haight. Clearly whoever found themselves in front knew little about how to steer CM for maximum […]

The Pulse of Googlism

Perhaps I’d be better off coining a different term here, perhaps Googlocracy or something like that. I just looked up Googlism and of course it’s a whole website dedicated to using the search engine to create a series of declarative statements about anything you’d care to run through its filter. But that’s not what I […]

Hard Analysis

Finding analytical insights that help illuminate this confusing time in history is difficult. Doing such analysis is hard, and giving an analysis that is more than just rhetorical flourish wrapped around ideological presuppositions would be to provide a “hard analysis.” I just finished reading such a hard analysis in Chaos and Governance in the Modern […]