Promenades, Tours, and urban walking

Obviously too busy to blog much lately. Heading to Europe in a few days for a conference on “Class Composition, Immaterial Labor and New Social Subjects,” followed by EuroMayDay in Milan, and more fun in Italy with good friends. A bit frenzied tying up loose ends before departing, and still have a reading tomorrow at […]

The Scale of Self-management

This past Friday I attended the Long Now‘s lecture series, featuring Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia. He’s a very personable guy, self-deprecatingly claiming that he isn’t very smart, but that he’s really really friendly. I couldn’t tell–he might be telling the truth! But what I liked a lot about his talk was his focus on […]

Local and Global

I’ve been up to my eyeballs organizing the big “Slow Food Feast of Fools and Friends” this past Sunday, and I’m happy to say, it was a huge hit! I even got pied at the end of the evening! You shoulda been there… I gave a brief introduction to the event, emphasizing that this is […]