Otherizing in Northern California

Spent the bulk of the long weekend at a bucolic bit of land west of the Mendocino town of Willits. The denizens call it “Witness Peak” and there is a spectacular small volcanic peak right in its midsts, along with a variety of rolling poison-oak covered hills, beautiful buildings built over the past decades, and […]

Critical Mass May 2005

We had our usual splendid ride, probably 1,000 to 1,500 participants, rode south on Steuart into the Embarcadero and did an inefficient but entertaining wrap-around of the baseball stadium, avoiding the dense foot traffic in front of the stadium by taking the shoreline promenade.

Squeezing along the shoreline around Willie Mays Field, […]

Communities, old and new

May 21, 1979 was the White Night Riot in San Francisco, the one-night insurrection that erupted after Dan White got a light sentence for murdering Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk. It was an important night in my life, and now I’m doing a book design for Kevin Mullen’s new collection of police stories; […]